3 Photography Tips for Makeup and Hair on Your Wedding Day

We know planning a wedding can be chaotic. The want to get every detail just right from the invitations to your gown all the way down to the utensils your guests will use, the list is endless. But at the end of the day it will be your wedding photos that will bring back the memories of the happiness, beauty and excitement of your wedding day. This week, we want to share some tips on what we as Beauty Stylists think are some important things to consider when thinking about your wedding photography. We have worked with dozens of amazing photographers and have learned some really great tips we want to share with you to ensure you get photos perfectly capturing your makeup and hair, which is an investment you have made for your wedding day.

Tip #1: Set time in your wedding day to take bridal portraits.

This is the most important tip we want to share with you. Like your photos, wedding gown, shoes, your makeup and hair is something you have invested in for your wedding and we want to make sure you capture these moments where you feel like your most beautiful self to revisit and share with your children and grandchildren years down the road.

We completely understand that there are those who don’t like to be photographed, but your wedding day is one of those important milestones in life and moments in time that you’ll want to have photos of. I know I love sitting with my grandma looking at old photos of her and my grandpa’s wedding and remembering how she looked so glamorous with her red lip, vintage curls and birdcage veil. This is something that will completely enamor your offspring when in a completely different time, where the style, fashion, and makeup may be different, you’ll still look classic, beautiful and timeless on one of the happiest days of your life. Having those photos of your completed makeup and hair in your designer wedding gown and those heirloom earrings that have been passed down from your grandmother, to your mom, and now to you will have those memories and feelings of happiness and love flooding in when you’re sharing that special moment when you pass those earrings down to your daughter. Set 30 minutes-1 hour in the day to capture some photos of you in your gown with a range of close up, mid-range, and full length shots either in your bridal suite before your first look and/or during the first moments of your reception against the beautiful backdrop of your venue. We love bridal portraits and believe they are shots that every bride should include in their shoot list and wedding day.

Tip #2: Makeup loses its saturation in photos

We are definitely a fan of soft, natural, timeless makeup especially for a special day such as your wedding, but makeup needs to be slightly more intense and saturated for photos. Although it will look like more than you would ideally like, it is extremely important to add a just the right concentration of color to ensure it shows up in your photos. Did you know from a makeup standpoint, when a flash camera takes a photo, 50% of the color saturation is lost? If not applied with the right amount of intensity, it will look like there is little to no makeup on at all in photos. As a professional, your Makeup Artist should know how to apply the right amount of product where it will look natural in person, yet be saturated enough to show up as “natural” in photos. For all of our natural beauties out there, just remember when seeing the final look if it looks like slightly too much, it’s just right and will photograph beautifully.

Tip #3: Filters will affect the way makeup looks in photos.

The power of technology has created an endless list of possibilities when it comes to anything really. Photography has definitely benefitted from the advances made through technology and graphics. With that photographers can create a signature style and aesthetic with the help of filters, and lighting adjustments, and a list of other magic tricks that I have no understanding of, which evokes a specific mood and emotion. With this, makeup can sometimes be drastically altered. As we mentioned above, when a flash camera takes a photo, 50% of the color saturation is lost. Add a bright and airy filter and the makeup can look washed out. With a dark moody filter it will enhance contours and shadows. For a makeup artist, this is extremely important and it’s something we want our clients to keep in mind when choosing a photography styles and how your makeup will translate with your photographer’s style.

As Makeup Artists, it’s so important to understand lighting, filters, and photography in relation to how we do our job. Ensuring our brides are given beautiful photos with glowing, naturally enhanced photos of their makeup and hair are extremely important to us as it is something they will have forever and we want to ensure they look and feel beautiful not only on their wedding day, but also when they revisit their photos for their 10 year anniversary or when sharing them with their grandchildren. We hope these tips were helpful and you’re in love with your wedding photos and the way you looked as a bride. Do you have any other photography tips in regards to makeup? We’d love to hear them below.