WEDDING SERIES: Why Makeup and Hair Stylists are One of the Most Important Wedding Vendors

Congratulations, you are engaged! Your fiance planned the perfect proposal, and you said yes, so now comes the fun part: planning your wedding.  You’ve picked the perfect dress, venue, florist, and now your are contemplating whether you would like to hire a makeup and hair stylist.  Now it may seem like we are somewhat biased, but while all of those are incredibly important, the makeup and hair artist is one of the most important and crucial, yet undervalued vendor in the wedding industry. Many brides believe they can do their makeup and hair themselves, but in actuality bridal makeup and hair is not everyday makeup. It is a type of makeup that requires using just the right technique and application to look flawless in photos and in person. Brides spend thousands of dollars on their dress, shoes, flowers, and ring, but skip out on their makeup and hair. 

We are giving a few reasons why makeup and hair stylist is one of the most important vendors for your big day. 

Makeup and hair stylists will set the tone for your entire day. 

Makeup and hair stylist are crucial vendors for a bride as they are usually the first vendor they come in contact with on their big day.  A good professional makeup and hair stylist will create a relaxing and stress-free environment for you so that you are looking and feeling amazing before you walk down the aisle. They can start your day off amazing and only make your wedding day experience that much more amazing. 

Bridal makeup is different from everyday makeup.

There is a huge difference in the way makeup and hair is done for brides. In fact, it is actually an entirely different genre in itself.  Bridal makeup not only needs to look amazing in photos, but also has to look natural and pretty in person. Also, the makeup and hair need to withstand, the elements, the hugging and kissing, and crying because the last thing a bride wants is to have running mascara or her hair falling out before she even leaves the hotel room.  A professional makeup and hair stylist is highly knowledgeable, has the appropriate products that are HD friendly and long-wearing,  and can create a makeup and hair look that is not only long-wearing, and beautiful, but also suits your comfort level, and style. 

Your stylist will make you look amazing in your photos and in person. 

Wedding day makeup and hair is not just your average, every day application. It not only needs to look flawless in person, but it also has to show up and look natural in photos. This delicate balance takes a lot of skill and practice, which is what a professional stylist is experienced in.  A good makeup and hair stylist will help you look like the best version of yourself on your wedding day. 

You are going to be the most photographed person on your wedding day. 

For many women, their wedding day is the day they have been dreaming of since they were a little girl. Every detail was planned out and as a bride, they are able to live out their most glamorous, indulgent dreams of their perfect wedding. They spend thousands of dollars on their dress, shoes, and accessories, but forget about their face! The bride is the center of attention and aside from the small details, she will be the most photographed person and thing on the wedding day so why skip investing in makeup and hair? 

 Makeup and hair are such vital components to a bride’s big day. By hiring a highly experienced professional makeup and hair stylist, the bride surely have a beautiful, cohesive look and a perfect wedding day.