FEATURED: Sophisticated Blush Wedding on The White Wren

If there were ever a wedding we’d want to be a part of it would be this one. Soft blush and muted neutrals were the perfect palette for this styled shoot. The Lyford House in Marin is a stunning little coastal venue with traditional elements as well as gorgeous views of San Francisco right across the bay. The top tier collective of vendors created a soft, feminine wedding that the sophisticated bride would love.

We styled our bride with our signature Blush bridal look; perfected, glowing skin, a warm, champagne enhanced eye and a natural but better lip, and soft, wispy curls in a half updo with braids. Paired with a lacy, blush gown, our bride was a timeless, sophisticated bride.

Feel free to browse our feature on The White Wren here and behind the scenes and additional photos below.

Planner / Design: Timeless Event Planning / Photographer: Radostina Photography / Venue: Richardson Bay Audubon Center and Sanctuary / Invites: ACQUA & INK / Florist: Lily and Mint / Hair and Makeup: Blush & Beauty Styling / Tableware: Frances Lane / Linens: Party Crush Studio / Rentals: Lux Event Rentals / Model: Phoebe / Dress: Sibo Designs / Vow book: Wedding Story Writer / Lingerie: Très Sûr lingerie / Shoes: Bella Belle Designs / Ring: Diamonds on the rock

My Wedding Day Story

Each year as this day comes around, I’m reminded of how blessed I am to have the life that I have. I am so lucky to have an amazing, selfless, loving husband who gives so much to giving me the best life possible. Today is our wedding anniversary as we have been married for ELEVEN years. I still can’t believe how much time has passed and each day I’m more grateful for finding the one person in the world who is perfect for me. 

When working with my brides, the question of my wedding day will usually come up and although I don’t like to share it because of it’s bittersweet nature, I will share the most concise version to avoid any tears or sadness. I’m sure you’re wondering what happened to make a wedding day so eventful? I’m going to share my wedding story with you today and how much it has impacted my life and my passion for my work with my brides. 

It all began in 2005, when my husband and I after much courting by him decided to become a couple. We were 19 years old and were going to college together and were the best of friends. Our friends can tell you they never saw one of us without the other. My parents always required meeting anyone I was dating to meet them and both of my parents loved him, but my dad was on a whole different level. My husband had become the golden child and literally the son he never had (my parents had two daughters.) My husband and I spent long summers together and unofficially decided we were going to get married after college. My dad, who beamed at his daughter dating the goody two shoes football player who played the same position as him couldn’t have been happier. My husband mentioned one day they were driving in the car together and my dad proposed to him to marry me (if you can’t tell my dad was a character and I loved that about him.) 

My dad and I

My dad and I

In April of 2008, the day before spring break of my senior year, my parents told me my dad had stage 4 kidney cancer, which had also spread to his kidneys. It was a work-related cancer, which happened over 20 years ago and he only started to feel the effects in January. He was going to undergo surgery and an aggressive chemotherapy to try to fight it, but after all was said and done his body couldn’t take the chemo and he was to live the rest of his life as best as he could. When my parents broke the news I was completely shattered, luckily I was going home to be with him and support him through this tough time. Once we found out the chemo wasn’t going to work, I contemplated not going back to college to be there for my dad, but with the hard work I put into my four years, my dad refused to let me stop just short of walking across that stage. I also have to say how appreciative I was that my husband went back and talked with all of my professors who were willing to allow me to stay with my dad and finish college from home. Nonetheless, I went back for the final month of school and was able to walk across the stage as my parents proudly watched. I was so happy to be able to share that moment with them, especially my dad who was my biggest supporter my entire life. 

I had big plans after I graduated; I had a grand plan to open a high-end salon in San Francisco and live my best life in California. All of that was put on hold as my husband and I packed up our things, sold what we didn’t need and moved back home to Hawaii to be with my family and help take care of my dad. This time was so tough. My dad was not getting better, in fact what once was a healthy, strong 50 year old man, my dad had reduced to a frail, sickly man who had aged 30 years in months. The cancer had eaten away at him and it was not looking good. One day I received a call from my parents that my dad’s oncologist had given him two months to live. My heart completely broke and I was overcome with despair and so much sadness. I immediately went home to spend as much time as I could with him and bring whatever joy I could to him as he was as sad and discouraged as you could imagine anyone who was just told they had months to live would be. 

That night, I got on my digital knee and proposed to my husband through a not-so-romantic text saying “Do you want to get married?” We were planning on getting married the following year anyway, and it meant so much to my dad to be there so he answered back through text “yeah okay.”  After telling my dad we were going to get married, he started crying tears of joy and I was happy to give him that moment where he had lost all hope. We decided three weeks from then to have a small ceremony with our closest family and planning a reception at a later date. Let me tell you, from a professional in the wedding industry being fresh out of college, planning a ceremony in three weeks pre-Pinterest, pre-David’s Bridal (in Hawaii at that time, wedding resources were very limited) was tough. I bought a $300 dress off the rack and bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen shirts from an aloha shirt store and we found what seemed to be one of the last available photographers for our date. During this tough time, it was a nice way to give everyone something to look forward to. 

The day after my sister’s highschool graduation party, as we were checking items off of our wedding to do list, we got a call that my dad had stopped breathing and we rushed over to the hospital. I can still remember that night so vividly. Family came to say their final goodbyes, sang songs, and lifted up their prayers to send my dad back home. I remember those final moments of silence as we said goodbye, the shock and disbelief that this was real and just like that he had drifted off and was gone. I remember waking up the next morning and felt the most peaceful, calm feeling. The sun was shining through the windows and birds outside were softly chirping. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, but at that time I knew he was at peace. The question we were asking now was do we continue with the wedding? The one person who we wanted to be there the most was no longer here, but because we were only two weeks away we decided to continue with the wedding as planned. 

The next two weeks were very hard on our family. We had planned a funeral for my dad just one week before our wedding and I didn’t know what emotions to feel. On my wedding day, as excited as I was, it was most definitely a bittersweet moment as my dad and I always talked about this day. He knew what he wanted to wear, looked forward to walking me down the aisle, and already picked out the song for the father-daughter dance. I will always look back and treasure those conversations and memories of him. 

As I was walking down the aisle, my mother-in-law and a few other people said they had seen a bright light following me. It was something that wasn’t just the sun peeking through the church it was something different. We got through the ceremony, thanked everyone for coming and went to the beach to take photos. When we got our photos back from our photographer, we were shocked to see a ray of light shining down on me in several photos. Once we saw this we knew he was there with us and was watching from above. I still get goosebumps when I look at our photos as I know he wouldn’t have missed it no matter what. 

That night, our parents and family had given us the sweetest dinner and honeymoon that one could have on such short notice and I cherish every second of that day. 

Although we were two 22 year olds with no money to have the beautiful, grand wedding we wanted, I wouldn’t change our wedding day for anything (well, maybe the only thing I would change is to have my dad there.) Having the love and support of our family and friends made a hard situation into such a beautiful, love-filled day. 

Every second of that day felt so special and magical, which is where my passion for what I do stems from. My wedding day was one of the best, most beautiful days of my life, despite the circumstances, and I want to give that experience to my clients. When I think of weddings my heart radiates with so much love and passion because of the love and joy I felt on my wedding day and the love I share with my husband. I’m so blessed to have found my soulmate and share so much of my life with him. We have experienced and achieved so much together in life and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for us. This is exactly what I hope for all of my clients; a long, happy, fulfilling relationship with someone they absolutely adore and we are so honored to be a part of their story. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my wedding story. I can tell you I was in tears while I was writing most of this, but I wanted to share with you how my wedding day has shaped me into being so passionate about being a Bridal Beauty Stylist. It was most definitely not the ideal fairytale wedding, but there is most definitely a happily ever after. 

This is dedicated to my best friend, my rock and soulmate, Sterling and my angel in heaven.

What’s your wedding story? I’d love to hear them, please share yours below. 

3 Photography Tips for Makeup and Hair on Your Wedding Day

We know planning a wedding can be chaotic. The want to get every detail just right from the invitations to your gown all the way down to the utensils your guests will use, the list is endless. But at the end of the day it will be your wedding photos that will bring back the memories of the happiness, beauty and excitement of your wedding day. This week, we want to share some tips on what we as Beauty Stylists think are some important things to consider when thinking about your wedding photography. We have worked with dozens of amazing photographers and have learned some really great tips we want to share with you to ensure you get photos perfectly capturing your makeup and hair, which is an investment you have made for your wedding day.

Tip #1: Set time in your wedding day to take bridal portraits.

This is the most important tip we want to share with you. Like your photos, wedding gown, shoes, your makeup and hair is something you have invested in for your wedding and we want to make sure you capture these moments where you feel like your most beautiful self to revisit and share with your children and grandchildren years down the road.

We completely understand that there are those who don’t like to be photographed, but your wedding day is one of those important milestones in life and moments in time that you’ll want to have photos of. I know I love sitting with my grandma looking at old photos of her and my grandpa’s wedding and remembering how she looked so glamorous with her red lip, vintage curls and birdcage veil. This is something that will completely enamor your offspring when in a completely different time, where the style, fashion, and makeup may be different, you’ll still look classic, beautiful and timeless on one of the happiest days of your life. Having those photos of your completed makeup and hair in your designer wedding gown and those heirloom earrings that have been passed down from your grandmother, to your mom, and now to you will have those memories and feelings of happiness and love flooding in when you’re sharing that special moment when you pass those earrings down to your daughter. Set 30 minutes-1 hour in the day to capture some photos of you in your gown with a range of close up, mid-range, and full length shots either in your bridal suite before your first look and/or during the first moments of your reception against the beautiful backdrop of your venue. We love bridal portraits and believe they are shots that every bride should include in their shoot list and wedding day.

Tip #2: Makeup loses its saturation in photos

We are definitely a fan of soft, natural, timeless makeup especially for a special day such as your wedding, but makeup needs to be slightly more intense and saturated for photos. Although it will look like more than you would ideally like, it is extremely important to add a just the right concentration of color to ensure it shows up in your photos. Did you know from a makeup standpoint, when a flash camera takes a photo, 50% of the color saturation is lost? If not applied with the right amount of intensity, it will look like there is little to no makeup on at all in photos. As a professional, your Makeup Artist should know how to apply the right amount of product where it will look natural in person, yet be saturated enough to show up as “natural” in photos. For all of our natural beauties out there, just remember when seeing the final look if it looks like slightly too much, it’s just right and will photograph beautifully.

Tip #3: Filters will affect the way makeup looks in photos.

The power of technology has created an endless list of possibilities when it comes to anything really. Photography has definitely benefitted from the advances made through technology and graphics. With that photographers can create a signature style and aesthetic with the help of filters, and lighting adjustments, and a list of other magic tricks that I have no understanding of, which evokes a specific mood and emotion. With this, makeup can sometimes be drastically altered. As we mentioned above, when a flash camera takes a photo, 50% of the color saturation is lost. Add a bright and airy filter and the makeup can look washed out. With a dark moody filter it will enhance contours and shadows. For a makeup artist, this is extremely important and it’s something we want our clients to keep in mind when choosing a photography styles and how your makeup will translate with your photographer’s style.

As Makeup Artists, it’s so important to understand lighting, filters, and photography in relation to how we do our job. Ensuring our brides are given beautiful photos with glowing, naturally enhanced photos of their makeup and hair are extremely important to us as it is something they will have forever and we want to ensure they look and feel beautiful not only on their wedding day, but also when they revisit their photos for their 10 year anniversary or when sharing them with their grandchildren. We hope these tips were helpful and you’re in love with your wedding photos and the way you looked as a bride. Do you have any other photography tips in regards to makeup? We’d love to hear them below.

DOUBLE FEATURED: Elegant Vineyard Wedding on Martha Stewart Weddings & Style Me Pretty

You know your clients have impeccable taste when their wedding is featured in not one but two of the top wedding blogs. Our bride and groom are stylish couple who own a boutique wine shop in New York and have a love and passion for wine, so of course Napa Valley was the perfect location for them to tie the knot. Cristina along with her superstar Coordinator Callista, crafted the most sophisticated details from her gown, to her party’s cute pajamas, to the guest welcome bags.

Cristina wanted a makeup look that was authentic, barely there, yet accentuated her beautiful features. She wanted a classic chignon updo that was easy, yet beautiful and also allowed for her sophisticated wedding gown to be the star of the show. Our Stylists created soft, naturally enhanced makeup and hair looks for her bridesmaids and family members.

Cristina and Chris wanted to celebrate their wedding with their closest family and friends and did just that at their elegant soiree. Her team of top vendors perfectly executed her sophisticated fete. We loved working with Cristina and know her photos will help her to reminisce on their special day 10 years down the road.

See the full feature on Martha Stewart Weddings here and Style Me Pretty here.

Beauty by Owner Christa and Stylists Amy and Sophia | Photography: Rebecca Yale Photography | Coordination: Callista & Company | Florals: Lambert Floral Studio | Venue: Calistoga Ranch | Gown: Lela Rose | Dress Boutique: Mark Ingram Atelier | Pajamas: Sleepy Jones | Stationary: Tina Smith Design | Earrings: Meadowlark |

How to Look Like the Best Version of Yourself on Your Wedding Day

Your big day is fast approaching and all of the details are starting to fall into place. You’ve chosen your gown, found the perfect pair of Jimmy Choos, and now you just need to nail down your makeup and hair look and although it’s one of the biggest days of your life, you don’t want anything crazy or dramatic, but rather just a polished, enhanced version of yourself. In this blog post today, we’re going to share some tips on how to look like the best, most beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day.

Skin Prep

Believe it or not, proper skin care is crucial for creating a flawless, natural makeup look. If the skin is dry, dehydrated, and patchy, any makeup put on top of it will show this as well. Any good Makeup Artist will know how important it is to properly prepare the skin before applying any type of makeup.

It’s important to have a mini facial before your Makeup Artist puts any makeup on to hydrate, plump up the skin. Not only will your skin look beautiful, but you’ll also love how it feels. Your skin will feel smooth like baby skin, which makes for a perfect canvas.

Not only will a mini facial make your skin feel amazing, but it’s just the thing needed to help you feel completely relaxed and at ease. A quick 10-15 minutes can make all the difference and who doesn’t love to be pampered on their wedding day?

Without this important step, dry or dehydrated skin will suck up all of the moisture in the makeup and leave skin looking patchy, and dry.

As a Bridal Beauty Stylist, this is a step that is a part of your experience before makeup application. Not only will your skin look and feel beautiful, but you will love the pampering.


Slater Robinson Photography

You will want to wear more makeup on your wedding day than you are used to. With flash photography, post-event editing, and changes in light throughout the day, it’s extremely important to get ready in the right lighting.

Lighting is an element that is hugely overlooked when doing makeup. Getting ready in the right lighting makes all the difference in how your makeup will turn out. Lighting that is too warm (yellow) or too cool (blue) can result in some major “yikes” moments as soon as you walk outside.

White or natural light is the best lighting to do makeup in. If you get ready in white light, you will look good in any light.

Not only will makeup applied in bad lighting look different in natural light, but it may also read differently on camera as well.

A good professional Makeup Artist will always carry The Makeup Light, a very specific light made just for makeup that is white light, making color matching and application simple and accurate.


We all know aside from false lashes and mascara, foundation is a gamechanger. It evens out the complexion and when done right the end result is smooth, flawless coverage that still looks natural. Airbrush makeup is ideal for bridal makeup as the coverage can be sheer to full and have a beautiful blurring effect. Most airbrush foundations are also long-wearing which is great for the long day ahead.

Be sure your foundation matches your skin tone. Always test your foundation on your jawline and bring down to your neck as this is usually where the tone differs. If there is a major difference, mix colors to find a match that will be seamless from the face all through the neck and chest.


Choosing the right blush can bring the entire look together. Blush is used to add a natural flush to the skin, to show the rosiness and almost bring a liveliness to the face. In our opinion, it is a necessary product to create a natural, soft makeup look. Blush also adds a youthfulness to the face and who doesn’t want to look youthful?

This youthful glow will be what you will look back on in 30 years and cherish and will add that color brides need against the starkness of a white gown.

Hues of pinks, corals, reds, and some oranges are ideal colors for that naturally beautiful flush in the cheeks.  

Blush is also much needed as photographers may use flash, which reduces the color saturation by 30%-50% sometimes leaving photos of a flatter, less dimensional appearance.

The way some photos are edited and filtered can also wash out the makeup, leaving brides looking either very muddy and shadowy (usually the result of dark, moody filters) or washed out (light, blown out filters).

Although you may not be a huge fan of blush adding some on your wedding day will ensure you look natural and youthful on your wedding day.


Like blush, bronzer is one of those things that are needed to create a natural makeup look. Bronzer brings back warmth and dimension to the skin and should do exactly what it says; bronze the skin. Bronzer should be strategically placed on the high points of the face where the sun naturally hits.

Although there are many finishes for bronzer, it’s highly recommended to NOT use bronzer with shimmer or glitter. This can cause the skin to look muddy and unnatural.


The great thing about eyeshadow is that the possibilities are endless. Although the selection of colors, finishes, tones seem to go on and on, we highly recommend sticking to a warm neutral palette as warmer tones are much more flattering and timeless.

For a natural eye look that is still dimensional, it’s important to use a mix of matte, satin, and shimmer finishes properly placed to enhance your eye shape. A shimmery, champagne tone similar to your skin tone is a great option to add brightness and sparkle to the lid while still being the anchor for a natural eye look.

To ensure a long lasting eye makeup, eyeshadow primer should be laid on the eye first.

Eye liner can be applied in many different ways, apply at your discretion as this can be the one of the biggest details that can alter the look. If you usually wear a thin line, go with a thin line, same if you wear a winged liner or smudged out, diffused liner.


Lashes are like the little black dress of makeup, they will transform and take your look to the next level.

There are a large variety of lashes available from very natural to very dramatic as well as strip lashes, demis, and individuals.

Strip lashes are good for all eye types and create specific styles and shapes to the eye, while individual lashes are perfect for a customized look, are great for watery, teary eyes, are very comfortable to wear, and blend in seamlessly with your natural lashes.

If you have eyelash extensions, if you love the way they look, get them refilled a few days before your wedding day. If you’d like to use mascara, there are specific mascaras for extensions as traditional mascara will ruin them.

If you’d like a little extra volume, individual lashes can be added to extensions without ruining them. Strip lashes are not encouraged.

When choosing the right lashes for you, it’s dependent on your style and personality.


Lipstick is the final touch and brings the look together. Like eyeshadow, there are many colors, tones, and finishes available to create the look you want.

The right lip color will not only look naturally perfect, but will also show off those pearly whites and perfectly coordinate with your wedding gown.

For a natural lip, a creamy finish mimics the look of hydrated lips, in a tone that is close to your lip color. Always look for the undertone in your lips (pink, brown, red are common undertones) as this will be the deciding factor between which color is perfect for you.

For a quick makeup change between ceremony and reception, change your lip color to a brighter, more bold hue to take the look from day to night.  


We hope you found this guide helpful and now have an idea of your vision for your wedding day. As a Bridal Beauty Stylists with a combined decades of experience, our Stylists can help you in creating a makeup and hair look that you will love that is timeless, natural, and the best, most beautiful version of you.

Have questions or would you like a more personalized recommendations for your wedding day? We’d love to hear from you.

Schedule a 15 minute call with us now.   

Fun and Intimate Destination Wedding

We always love when we’re able to work with couples who choose our beautiful island as their wedding venue. There’s something so exciting about helping our clients and share some of the best kept secrets that only locals know. We also lucky that our couples have great taste. This couple chose Hawaii as the groom wanted to come back home to share their wedding day with his family and friends. They chose the beautiful Four Seasons Resort Oahu as it has breathtaking views and backdrops from anywhere on property.

Our laid-back bride wanted makeup that was natural, that looked like the best version of herself: glowing, perfected skin with an enhanced eye and natural lip, and soft, side-swept curls which we happily created as well as personalized looks for each member of her bridal party. The finished look was polished, glowing, and perfect for a summer Hawaii wedding.

The bride and groom hired a top-tier team of vendors, who created a beautiful oceanside wedding. We are so happy to be able to share our passion for what we do. We received the sweetest feedback from our bride and we are so happy to have been a part of making her wedding day extraordinary. She said:

“Thank you!! You laides are amazing. Everyone looked great. We got a tons of compliments on our hair and makeup. Everything held up most of the nigh thank you again for the wonderful morning!”

We hope you enjoy seeing the joy and excitement that this beautiful couple shared on their wedding day.

Beauty by Owner Christa and Mary | Venue: Four Seasons Oahu | Photography: Absolutely Loved Photography | Florals: Yvonne Designs | Gown: Made with Love Bridal

Relaxed, Classic Napa Wedding

We are so lucky to have clients who have the most beautiful and refined aesthetic when it comes to planning their wedding. This couple is no exception. After collaborating with our bride, we created a natural, refined, and timeless beauty look that was absolutely stunning. Looking at these photos, we believe she will LOVE the way she looked on her wedding day when she looks at wedding album in 10 or 20 years. The look we created for her along with her gorgeous gown was absolutely perfect for the cool fall Napa weather.

In addition, the most amazing team of vendors created a perfectly put tougher affair that was relaxed, bespoke, and intimate. Can we all agree that the bride and groom should be professional models because every single photo looked like it could be in a luxury wedding or lifestyle magazine.

We are so blessed and love each and every moment we are afforded to share wth our clients on their wedding day. These photos are the perfect example of the reason we love what we do. Not only was our bride glowing on her big day, but she will cherish those memories for years to come.

Beauty by Owner Christa and Stylist Rachel | Coordination: Bravo Events | Photos: My One Love Photography | Venue: Meritage Napa | Gown: Hayley Paige

Skin Care 101: Know Your Skin Type

We’ve previously shared with you one important thing you should include in your wedding budget: skin care. This week we’re diving into skincare and giving you a basic foundation on what you need to know to make know and understand your skin skin type. With the endless sea of skin care products, and videos, we know this can be an extremely overwhelming topic, so we’re breaking it down with first learning and understanding what your skin type is. This will play a huge role in creating your skin care routine to ensure your skin is in it’s best condition come your wedding day.

Your skin is THE largest system of the body and although it’s extremely important to take care of it all the time, a day as big as your wedding day surely is important enough to invest in a thorough and customized routine for soft, smooth, hydrated skin on the day of. We’re going to go through all of the skin types so you can find what your skin type is, some basic skin care guidelines, and some tips on how your skin type reacts with makeup.

Pro Tip:  Always consult with a Dermatologist or licensed skin professional for the most accurate skin analysis and personalized skin care routine.

Skin Types

Although we are all unique and have specific concerns, skin types are labeled into five categories: normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive. Each skin type requires a specific kind of care and maintenance in order to keep your skin healthy. Let’s get into each skin type and what type of care is required.

Normal skin has balanced levels of water and oil within the layers of the skin, yet can become slightly more oily and dry at any point. The appearance is void of large pores, visible shine, and blemishes and is fairly smooth. Daily care for normal skin requires general care and maintenance. Normal skin has more flexibility of using a wider range of skin care products and less on correcting skin to achieve balance.  

Makeup on normal skin will normally hold up very well throughout the day and is fairly simple to apply. Normal skin also allows the luxury of using a variety of finishes for foundations to achieve different looks (dewy skin, matte skin, natural matte skin.)

Oily skin is the excess of sebum or oils produced by the oil glands. Pores are enlarged and the skin appears “shiny.” Oily skin also is the skin type that is more acneic due to clogged and congested pores.  In most instances, enlarged pores are usually on the inner part of the face in the t-zone area and for extremely oily skin can have enlarged pores all over the face.

Oily skin needs cleansing and removal of sebum and thus requires an oil free, gel based products as well as regular exfoliation to unclog pores of oil and dead skin (gross we know.)

We know oily skin sounds like its a bit of a pain to have BUT the good thing about oily skin is the natural moisture in the skin slows the aging process.

Improper care and preparation of oily skin before makeup can cause makeup to look shiny over time, sometimes within hours, or the skin can completely absorb the product leaving the skin looking splotchy, or like there is no makeup on at all.

MYTH: Remove as much oil as possible and don’t use moisturizer to eliminate oil on the face.

When the oil is stripped from the skin, the skin’s reaction is to produce more oil. Most of the time overstripping the skin of naturally produced oil and not replacing it will cause the skin to become even more oily. The use of a moisturizer that is right for your skin type actually reduces oil production over time and you will not look and feel oily or shiny.  

Dry skin naturally lacks oil and the production of oil is usually insufficient. This leaves the skin feeling tight and sometimes stings after washing. Skin will become flaky when in dry weather or when not moisturized, and the pores are very small and minimal. Dry skin is also prone to aging at a much quicker rate than all other skin types due to the lack of natural emolliency.

Skin care for dry skin requires very emollient, rich products to add moisture back into the skin. Products like cream cleansers, face oils, hydrating serums and moisturizers are extremely important for keeping dry skin soft, hydrated, and healthy.

Makeup on dry skin that has not been properly prepped tends to look patchy, flaky, and dry. Without a sufficient amount of moisture, makeup can settle into fine lines and show any flawed skin texture.

Combination skin can comprise of both normal, dry, and oily areas at the same time. The t-zone, which includes areas of the center of the forehead, nose, inner cheeks, and chin can be oily, while the outer areas like cheeks, jawline, and hairline can be dry and flaky or even normal.

Unfortunately, the ideal care for combination skin is to address both the oily and dry areas with the appropriate products, which can require more time, money, and product though regular cleansing and exfoliation will properly address all types. It’s extremely important for combination skin to find balance.

Sensitive skin is skin that is usually characterized by redness and highly irritable by products, or exposure to environmental elements. Sensitive skin must be very careful of products used and exposure to sun, cold, and other weather elements.

Skin care for sensitive skin needs to be carefully curated, and most likely needs to be fragrance-free, paraben-free, and consist of as little ingredients as possible. Every product needs to be extremely gentle and mild both chemical and physical to avoid any irritation or reactions.

Makeup on sensitive skin can cause redness and itching throughout the day if skin does not agree with the product. Like all other skin types, the ideal state of the skin should be soft, supple, and moisturized.

Knowing your skin type is extremely important not only because your Makeup Artists want to properly assess and prep your skin so your makeup is suited to your skin and is long-lasting, but also because using the wrong products can be detrimental to your skin’s overall health. Using a cleanser for oily skin on dry skin will make it dry, inflamed and flaky so it really important to understand your skin and it’s needs.

Do you know what your skin type is? If so, what products do you use? We’d love to hear any product suggestions or throughts.

Intimate, Sophisticated Destination Wedding

This fun, fashionable couple travelled from Colorado with a small group of close friends and family. We were lucky enough to work with the bride and create two beautiful, timeless makeup and hair looks for both her ceremony and reception. For the couple’s intimate wedding reception, they travelled out to a sandbar where they joined in marriage with their closest family.  We went for a beachy, bronzy eye and natural, glowing skin to go with her two piece wedding dress. After the bride and groom tied the knot on this beautiful, warm day, they decided to jump in the water, which for every bride is the ultimate test of the Makeup Artist’s work and as expected for us, but to the bride’s surprise, her makeup was fully in tact.

After their intimate ceremony, we went back to the hotel to create her second look of the day for her reception, which was a soft classic eye, and soft natural makeup to subtly enhance her beautiful evening dress as they were wisked away to their reception venue.

We love a trendy, sophisticated couple who has impeccable style and they were just that. We are so thankful for our clients who put their trust in us to deliver an extraordinary experience on their wedding day.                         

Makeup and Hair: Alex and Mary
Photos: Crystal Chanel Photo
Venue: Four Seasons Ko Olina, Kualoa Ranch

One Thing You Need to Include in Your Wedding Beauty Budget

From venue, to food, to flowers, the list of items you need to budget for your wedding seem endless. If you’re like us and put makeup and hair at the top of your priorities, we have one thing you absolutely need to be including into your wedding budget: and that is skin care.

We know, why is skin care so important? As beauty experts, we cannot stress enough how important it is not only for the way your makeup wears on your wedding day, but it also keeps it looking, soft, youthful and glowing. We’re going to give you all the information you need to know on skincare and tips on how to get your skin wedding day ready.


Getting a facial every month is the most underrated and undervalued service when it comes wedding preparation because although having a daily skin care routine is vital to skin health, facials can completely change the overall look and feel of your skin.

Dermatologists and estheticians are professionals with expert skin care knowledge and can customize a facial to suit your skin type and concerns. Not only is a facial a relaxing treatment, but skin care professionals also use specific tools and technology to give skin that extra help that the normal consumer usually cannot at home.

We have had many clients who have invested in monthly facials leading up to their wedding and their skin was soft, supple, and hydrating resulting in smooth, flawless makeup on the wedding day.

We highly recommend working with your Dermatologist or Esthetician at least 6 months before the wedding.  

Skin Care

A daily skin care routine for both morning and night is crucial not just preparing for your wedding, but all the time. Taking care of your skin on a daily basis is so important as your largest organ our bodies, it needs the right nutrients to stay healthy.

Along with properly hydrating daily, providing our skin with a protective barrier is extremely important to the skin’s safety from sun damage, free radicals, pollution and aging. A positive of including a facial regimen is that your Dermatologist or Esthetician will recommend a skin care routine that is custom tailored to suit your skin care needs.

A personalized skin care routine is the necessary maintenance your skin needs between facials, but will also give the skin the nutrients, protection, and hydration it needs on a daily basis.

Skin care plays such a vital role in makeup and needs to be incorporated into your daily routine weeks (ideally months) before your wedding day in order to be effective. We use the highest quality, professional and luxury grade products, but if the skin is dry and dehydrated, even the best most expensive products won’t wear smoothly. Not only is your wedding day important, but we only have one skin and there’s no way to replace or fix it once the damage is done so we always encourage prevention rather than repair. We’ll be doing more posts on skin care throughout the next few months to further educate you so you look and feel like your most beautiful self not only on your wedding day, but everyday.